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Acetyl Chloride

Acetyl Chloride [CH3COCl=78.50]
colorless liquid, with irritative smell; fume, inflammable;

International code: 32119
CAS No.: 75-36-5
Name: Acetyl Chloride
Product name: acetyl chloride; ethanoyl chloride

Molecular Formula: C2H3ClO; CH3CClO

Appearance: colorless fume liquid, with irritative smell
Molecular Weight 78.50
Vapor tension 12.1kPa/0oC
Flash point: 4oC
Melting point -112oC
Boiling point: 51oC
Density: Relative Density(water=1)1.11; Relative Density(air=1)2.70
Stability: stable
Hazardous sign: 7(inflammable liquid),20(corrosive chemicals)
Uses:   used to produce organic compounds, dyes and drugs

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